"In an ever-changing market place, one needs to constantly evolve to be relevant. However, it is crucial to identify the right changes to be made and do it well."

- Abdul Razak Manaf, Chairman -

What we do best

Industrial/Business Research

Metrix provides a thoroughly researched, reliable, unbiased and current business information that is critical to you.

Marketing Research

Marketing Research services designed to help you achieve your business objectives.

Mystery "Shopping"

Metrix Mystery Shopping Programme enables outlets to provide excellent service as expected by their customers.

Social and Political Research

The Social and Political Research services capture public sentiment on current issues.

Shopping Research

We have the experience and the tools to help you find out more about your shoppers.

The Entrepreneur Journey

This programme is for Entrepreneurs who wish to undertake their journey of discovering, building and exploiting business opportunities for profit in a more structured way, under conditions of uncertainty.

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318 Projects

800,000 Interviews

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