Shopping Research


Do you know who visits your outlets? Where do they come from? What type of shoppers are they? Are they loyal to your brand? Are they serious buyers or just browsers? Why do they shop at your outlet? Why do they choose your outlet / mall? How much do they spend? How often do they visit your outlets / mall?
Do you know who you are missing? Why do your catchment market don’t visit or shop at your outlet / mall? Where do they go and shop? Why are they shopping at different outlets / mall / brands?
At Metrix Research, we help you delve deeper to understand and discover the motivations and triggers that drive shoppers during their visit to a retail shop or a mall. We have the experience and the tools to help you find out more about your shoppers.
Our services include:
  • Customer Dynamics Study – understanding your current shopper/customer. Discover the behavior towards your mall / outlet / brand. Provides an accurate and in-depth body of information based upon the characteristics of visitors to the mall / outlet. Through this research, we are able to find out relevant answers like:
    • The experience of the shopper in the mall or retail outlet
    • The purchases made and how much they spend
    • Their feedback on promotions and communication activities
    • Feedbacks on improvement of the mall or retail outlet
    • The usage, attitude and behavior of the target shopper
    • Assess the mall / retail outlet’s appeal to the target shopper
    • Identify the demographic and psycographic of the target shopper
    • Identify the visit and spending pattern of the target shopper
    • Identify their needs and expectations of the mall

  • Mystery Shopping
    This is an essential tool – Mystery Shopping helps you gain relevant insights into the shopper experience. It is also a good motivation tool for employees as it assists them in spotting problem areas in customer service. With this tool, we can:
    • Evaluate the level of service and facilities of the mall/retail stores according to the SOPs
    • Identify training needs for the service / sales staff
    • Identify the improvements received

  • Shopper Behaviour Study
    Studying shopper behavior helps retailers understand consumer perception about their mall / retail store. Uncovering and connecting wrong perception about the mall/retail store may give retailers crucial advantage over competitors. Our tool will help the retailer gain in-depth understanding of the shopper’s behavior on a typical shopping trip.