The Entrepreneur’s Journey

An entrepreneur is someone who sets out on a journey to uncover business opportunities and build a business to exploit the opportunities by offering products and services to a target market. It is a journey filled with many challenges and uncertainties with most failing within 3 years.
Here in Metrix, we recognize those obstacles. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the pain and difficulties in starting off your own business. We adopt a market driven mind-set and through the use of the right discovery tools, an entrepreneur can reduce the risk of failure and increase their probability of success. These set of tools along with right processes and technique can be learned and this gives rise to our training program, the Entrepreneur’s Journey/ Jejak Teratur Usahawan,
It is a program suitable for entrepreneurs looking for a structured way to turn ideas into invoice. Developed in-house, it utilizes known tools such as Value Proposition Canvas (VPC) and Business Model Canvas (BMC) to navigate the discovery journey of an entrepreneur. Discovery here means finding enough evidence of the viability and sustainability of your business idea before executing it.
Our training and coaching program encompasses lectures, demonstrations as well as practice so that the participants will have the necessary set of skills and knowhow of structured entrepreneurship. It is also delivered in either English or Bahasa, depending on the participants.
This program comprises of 3 separate modules:
Module 1 - Participants will learn ideation and segmentation techniques that will assist them in extracting the problems that their products and services will solve. This will end with building a business model that will support the creation and delivery of their products and services.
Module 2 - Once the Business Model is completed, we will guide the participants how to validate any ideas you’ve drafted in Module 1. Who to test the model with? What to ask them? How to analyse the collected information? and what are the changes to be made on the business model.
Module 3 - Teaches participants how to pitch (presentation) the validated Business Model to investors.
The modules above were developed by the Growth and Innovation (GI) Unit headed by founder, Encik Razak Abdul Manaf, an entrepreneur and a co- creator of the Business Model Generation book.